Rattlesnake Hills Founders' Day


March 16, 2024


Member Wineries

Rattlesnake Hills Founders' Day Offerings

We invite all tourists and fans of the wineries in the Rattlesnake Hills to join us at Bonair Winery for the official CHASING OUT THE SNAKES day. The ceremony is at 2:00 pm sharp- in front of the chapel. Father Gail will banish all Rattlesnakes from the area to make sure our valued friends an customers never have to worry- remember our motto: No snakes, Just great wines! In Celebration of foundation of our appellation or AVA (The Rattlesnake Hills of Yakima Valley), all the member wineries will be open and pouring our best wines.


Paradisos del Sol Winery and Organic Vineyard will also celebrate with a snake toss game using rubber snakes and a bucket. Get the snake in the bucket and you will be rewarded!  The Rattlesnake Hills does have snakes, but they are way up in them hills. Paul and Barbara have never seen a rattlesnake in the 20 years that they have lived here. Other snakes? Yes, but they are friendly and useful to farmers.  Founders Day has to do with when the Rattlesnake Hills AVA was approved (3/20/2006), 17 years ago. Paul is one of the Founders, having been growing grapes and making wine professionally for almost 40 years.  They will be handing out silk flowers for the occasion and if you are Green Thumb folks, let’s talk gardening. Paul may have some seeds to share!  Enjoy the usual micro-mini-Lilliputian eight-course under-50-calories winemaker’s snack, eight tiny nibbles to go with their eight wines. Sip Sip Bite Sip! $10 tasting fee waived with $30 purchase. Returning customers enjoy wine discounts from 10% to 50%.